About The Pooch Pad Country Kennel

Since 1973

In the early 80’s our family took over operations and have since seen the Pooch Pad grow with the surrounding city.

Our entire family and staff have a deep love for all types of animals. Each of our own pets were rescued from shelters in our community.

In 2004 we added a new building that allows us to accommodate many more animals. It has fifty-six indoor/outdoor runs and includes three extra large corner spots with attached yards and two private luxury dog suites.

Spacious play yards have been added for more frequent outings and efficient exercise for the dogs. This is especially helpful for our long term dogs. Some pets may become part of our family for months at a time.

Since construction of the new building we have also incorporated Interactive Dog Play. This is where we allow multiple pets to play with each other under close supervision, just like at the dog park. This is especially helpful for those animals that are boarding by themselves. We pair them up according to their characteristics and behavioral traits.

Here at Pooch Pad Country Kennel we are always aware of the need for expansion to give your pet the care and boarding needs they require.

During the last hurricane we purchased two generators and are now hurricane proof. The dogs staying with us during Ike had better living conditions than most of our customers. We accommodated over 85 animals during the hurricane and every one faired well; in fact we sustained no damage to the kennels at all. The buildings were constructed so well we actually spent the night with the dogs instead of in our own home.

From all of us at Pooch Pad Country Kennel, thank you for making us the number one kennel in Pearland!