Grooming at the Pooch Pad

We offer all kinds of grooming services to fit you and your pets needs.

Whether your pet just needs a soothing bath or fancy breed cut, we can accommodate.

Pooch Pad Bath:

Shampoo, blow dry, brush out, nail cutting, ear cleaning, and glands upon request.

All prices are subject to the condition and behavior of your pet. We value your pets safety and well being and take the time and patience to nurture your pet.

We also offer flea and tick baths, medicated baths, oatmeal baths for sensitive skin, nail cut only services, and teeth brushing.

Is shedding a problem?

We offer de-shed services to thin and extract your dogs undercoat, Your dog will look and feel great as the de-shed allows your pets skin to breath easier. You will love how much less your dog will shed.