When you turn into the gate the anticipation rises. By the time you pull up to the office, you can hear the sounds of fun and excitement. You walk through the door and your senses are heightened by the aroma of old friends and distant relatives. By now your tail is wagging uncontrollably and you can’t keep all four paws on the floor. You’re jumping, you’re wiggling, you can hardly contain yourself…yes, yes…you’re finally at Pooch Pad Country Kennel.

"Dogs Dig This Place"

That’s how your dog feels about Pooch Pad Country Kennel. Pooch Pad Country Kennel is their home away from home and we go above and beyond to make them feel that way. Dogs look forward to their vacation. Our facility is homey and warm and our TVs and radios stay on 24 / 7 to remind them of the sounds of home.

Grooming Services

• Baths
• Mini Grooms
• All Breed Dog Grooming
• Flea Dips
• Clipper & Hand Scissoring
• Nail Trimming
• Ear Cleaning
• Glands Upon Request
• Teeth Brushing
• Deshedding Services

Boarding Services

• Owner Lives on Premises
• Air Conditioned & Heated
• New! Private Luxury Suites
• 20 Dog Play Areas
• Indoor & Outdoor Units
• Monthly & Long Term Rates